Voiceover License Agreement and Terms.

Voiceover Work Terms of Use

Thank you for choosing Dave Merrick’s voiceover services. By utilizing my voiceover recordings, you agree to the following terms, designed to facilitate your creative and commercial use while protecting the unique quality of my voice.

1. Comprehensive Buyout License

When you purchase a voiceover recording from me, you’re granted a non-exclusive, worldwide, perpetual buyout license. This license allows you to use, edit, and incorporate the voiceover recordings into any project, including commercial, educational, and entertainment purposes.

2. Permitted Uses

  • Creative Freedom: You are free to edit, manipulate, and incorporate the voiceover recordings into multimedia projects, advertising campaigns, corporate presentations, and more.
  • Resale and Redistribution: You are permitted to include the voiceover recordings as part of your own projects or products, even if those products are sold to third parties. This includes the use of the recordings in projects for your clients or within products you sell.
  • Derivative Works: You are allowed to create derivative works from the voiceover recordings. This includes combining them with other media elements or modifying them to suit your project needs.

3. Prohibitions

While I aim to provide significant flexibility in how you can use the voiceover recordings, there are important restrictions to protect against misuse:

  • AI Voice Cloning Prohibition: The voiceover recordings must not be used to create or contribute to any form of artificial intelligence-driven voice cloning, synthesis technologies, or any applications that replicate or simulate my voice without explicit written consent.

4. Ownership

While you have broad rights to use the voiceover recordings under this buyout license, the original recordings and the unique characteristics of my voice remain my intellectual property. This agreement does not transfer title or ownership of the original voiceover recordings.

5. Modification of Terms

I reserve the right to update these terms to reflect changes in my services or in legal and regulatory requirements. Any modifications will be communicated through my website and will apply to future purchases.

6. Contact and Queries

For any questions or if you need clarification on the use of the voiceover recordings, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me at contact.

By purchasing and using my voiceover services, you acknowledge and agree to these terms of use, facilitating a productive and mutually beneficial relationship.

Thank you for choosing my voiceover services for your creative and commercial endeavors.