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If you want to use a PO number or unique Job ID for your records, I can add it to the filenames of the recordings.
Price is $50 per 50 words.
Count your words at wordcounter.net
Prices valid for one character voice.
For multiple characters: Make a separate order for each character or contact me for a custom quote.
Contact me for a quote for scripts over 1000 words.
Regular Business Days Mon-Fri
I *Usually* operate my studio overnight EST (-5 UTC) You should generally have it by the next morning.
Ordering a "Weekend Emergency Gig" Is an off-hours order. I will record as soon as I'm able during the weekend.
Emergency gigs may be recorded in an alternate studio and on alternate equipment if I'm not in-town.
-Choose Rights Buyout if:
You will be using the voiceover in TV/Radio/Movies/Video Games/Internet/podcast/etc. Including YouTube/Vimeo and public websites.
"buyout license" -- Means I transfer all rights to you. You own it. You can use the voiceover anywhere, anytime, including broadcasts.


Up to 60-seconds. Contact me for longer durations.
You Provide the music music. Or my PD Library.
Note: I do not provide commercial music licensing

Script Details

.doc .docx .pdf .txt, .odt, .rtf
Don't assume I know what you want, or know what you know.
Or that I'm familiar with your field or subject matter.
Remember, I'm coming into your project cold. If you don't specify it, I won't know to do it.
The More details you can give about what you want, the better voiceover you will get back. (Makes sense, right?)
$ 0.00


By placing a politically-oriented order, You agree to all of the following:
You agree that Dave Merrick will not be held accountable for the contents of any political ad.
Political Ads performed by Mr. Merrick are completed as-ordered, without any knowledge by Mr. Merrick as to the correctness, authenticity, or truthfulness of the ad. No endorsement is given by Mr. Merrick and no knowledge or responsibility is accepted by Mr. Merrick as to weather or not a script is slanderous in nature.
You further agree to and accept all legal accountability for placing this order, and by ordering, state that the contents of the script are fully truthful.